Antibacterial Door

EI260 C5 / EI290 C5
Special biosanitary

The features of this door respond to the necessities of different biosanitary spaces, such as hospitals, laboratories, kitchens and other places in which hygiene is of vital importance.

At the same time, this solution maintains the properties of protection and safety present in all Firestop doors.


Ideal for biosanitary spaces in which hygiene is of vital importance, such as hospitals, laboratories, kitchens, etc.

Wide range of standard dimensions in two different heights in order to ‘economize’ projects. This is reflected in a great combination quality/price.

Non-standard dimensions in order to adapt the door to any need.

Torsional rigidity of the door leaf higher than that of traditional assembling method.

Galvanized sheet and paint with a high corrosion resistance and durability.

Thermal insulation 1.2 (W/m2k).

Open Z frame for an easy installation.

Excellent serial hardware.

Includes a self-closing hinge.

Great variety of hardware in stock (see hardware catalogue).

Tested for up to 200.000 opening and closing cycles.

Certified as a whole.


Fire resistance of 60 and 90 min according to the European Norm EN 1634-1.

Durability certificate C5 according to the European Norm EN 14600.

Certificate ISO 9001.

Also available with UL mark and in Multipurpose Plus version.


Galvanized steel sheets 0.7/0.9 mm thick, profiler-assembled by double folding and stiching together the LID-TRAY set.

High density rock wool insulation, 145/180 kg/m3.

Galvanised steel stiffeners.

Hexagonal 14x36 mm zinc plated anti-leverage bolt.

Door thickness: 51 mm, approx.

Approx. weight: 25/29 kg/m2.


Reduced thermal conductivity galvanized steel, 1.5 mm thick.

Z-shaped jambs and lintels. ASTURMADI special profile.

230x1.5 mm cold-laminated steel plate fastening anchors, especially designed to be fitted in any kind of wall.

50x2.5 mm steel door threshold.


Sheet painted with ANTIBACTERIAL thermosetting epoxy powder. (with silver nitrate added).

100 micron coat of paint on the leaf and 120 on the frame.

Full RAL color chart.


3 mm thick steel hinges, welded to the frame and fixed onto the leaf with M6x16 zinc plated screws. The lower hinge is self-closing.

15x2.5 mm graphite intumescent joint. It dilates 25 times its size at temperatures greater than 150ºC.

Reversible inlay fire resistant lock protected by two MO Stucal boards.

Sintered steel latch.

40x40 brass cylinder lock with 3 keys.


    Anti-snag fire resistant handle.

    Steel core covered by fusion.

    Metal shields covered with nylon. Bolts and nuts.

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