Firestop Multiusos Plus
May 28, 2020
Soon: Asturmadi FIRESTOP EI-120
July 21, 2020

Asturmadi Flameproof Door - New


This week we are introducing a new product to our catalogue: The Asturmadi Flameproof Multipurpose Door

How is it different

The Asturmadi Flameproof Multipurpose door is EI2-20 and E60, which meains it resists the fire for 20 minutes and the flame for 60 minutes.

It is ideal for spaces where fire protection is not obligatory but is recommended. Its excelent finish and variety of accessories, makes of the Flameproof Door a very versatile product.


Wide range of standard dimensions in two different heights

Non-standard dimensions in order to adapt the door to any need.

Torsional rigidity of the door leaf higher than that of traditional assembling method.

Galvanized sheet and paint with a high corrosion resistance and durability.

Thermal insulation 1.2 (W/m2k).

Open Z frame for an easy installation.

Excellent serial hardware.

Includes a self-closing hinge.

Great variety of hardware in stock (see hardware catalogue).

Tested for up to 200.000 opening and closing cycles.

Certified as a whole.

According to ISO 9001:2015