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How to install a door closer
November 4, 2019
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How to fit a cable passage on a steel door
November 22, 2019

Fire rated doors for offices

Fire Rated doors are essential parts of a building as their main purpose is to divide the space and allow the evacuation, at the same time as isolating the space where the fire was originated and avoiding it to spread to other compartments of the building.

In offices, apart from protecting they also give a certain feel to the space. For these reasons, fire rated doors for offices adapt to every companies’ needs. There is a big range of finishes and colours to choose from, to achieve a specific style or design without compromising the important factor of safety.

From all fire rated doors, steel swing doors stand out for their simple appearance and functionality. They are ideal for offices as they are durable and need little maintenance compared to other kinds of doors.

At Asturmadi Doors we have created the Decora door, which offer a big variety of finishes and is perfect to create really different spaces. Its pleasing appearance, combined with the highest level of protection and safety, make the Decora door fit perfectly into all types of spaces.

What other function does a fire door have in an office?

Privacy during conferences and meet-ups is very much valued in every company. Therefore, acoustic fire doors are ideal for boardrooms where important topics are discussed: they create privacy while reducing outside noise.

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