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November 20, 2019
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November 27, 2019

How to fit a cable passage on a steel door

A cable passage is used to allow the electric power to get from the frame through to the door. It consists of a spring to pass the cable through and of a base that allows to secure it to the door.

To install a cable passage, follow the steps:

1. Cut a rectangular hole of 265x25mm, as per the stencil, on the edge of the door at approximately 400mm from the lower end

2. Pass the cable through the door from the locks cylinder hole to the previously cut hole, leaving enough cable on each side for the installation

3. Insert the end of the cable in the base hole and secure it to the edge of the door using two provided sheet metal screws

4. Pass the cable trough the chrome plated spring and secure it to the base with 2 provided M4 screws

5. Drill a 14mm diameter hole into the frame, at 232mm from the upper side of the stencil

6. Pass the cable trough and screw the other end of the chrome plated spring to the frame of the door with two provided sheet metal screws.

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