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With this legal notice Asturmadi Doors informs the user of this website with domain “.com” about its privacy policy for the user to decide voluntarily to provide or deny his personal data to Asturmadi Doors via the form of subscription to any of the services of Asturmadi Doors’ web.

Asturmadi Doors has the right to modify the privacy policy to adapt it to legal and juridical news, as well as to those related to the industrial practice. If it’s the case, Asturmadi will try to announce the changes on its website reasonably in advance.

To the effects of the Organic Law 5/1999, of the 13th of December, we inform you that the personal data gathered from the forms will be kept in a personal data file in order to adequately address any requests, and whose consignee will be Asturmadi Doors. Asturmadi Doors being the entity responsible for the file, guaranties the execution of the access rights, rectification, annulation, and opposition of the provided data. To make this procedure easier, please send us an e-mail with your request to

Asturmadi Doors will respect the confidentiality and will use the received personal data exclusively with the described purposes. Filing in the form, the user agrees with this privacy policy and to transfer his personal data to Asturmadi Doors for the accomplishment of the purposes described above.


These conditions regulate Asturmadi Doors’ website use for all Internet users. The user accepts expressly and completely all these terms and conditions, as well as its restrictions, published on this website from the moment of entering it. The access to the website and/or the use of its services entail that the user accepts the using terms. Asturmadi Doors has the right to modify the website and its services unilaterally, as well as these using terms. We recommend you to read the using terms every time you enter the website.


The user must use the website according to the authorised using terms. Any illegal use, opposite to the public order or to these using terms is totally forbidden. Any damaging use or one that breaks the intellectual property rights of third parts is also forbidden, as well as any use that disturbs other user’s navigation. The use of the website is totally cost free for the user.


The content of the website (brand, commercial name, pictures, icons, design and general presentation of the different sections) belong to Asturmadi Doors or to third parties, and have copyright. By no means Asturmadi or the owner of the Copyright gives to the visitor of the website the right over the content, nor does he renounce on, pass, or transfer, nor total nor partially, any of the rights he has over the content (reproduction, distribution, public communication, amongst others). The use of this content has to be expressly allowed by Asturmadi Doors in written form.

The user cannot resell, republish, print, download, copy, retransmit or present neither of the elements of the website without previous written authorisation from Asturmadi Doors, except when the law allows to a reasonable extent to copy or print the content for personal, non-commercial, purpose without altering the Copyright and other identificatory data of Asturmadi Doors’ or third parties’ rights.

The content of the website is protected by the law of intellectual and industrial property rights in Spain and internationally, be it as individual collections or as compilations. The user cannot erase or modify by any means the information relative to these rights.


  • 6.1 Exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities regarding the functioning of the website Asturmadi Doors does not guarantee the functioning of the website and/or its services, and will never be responsible of its misfunctioning. However, Asturmadi Doors will try to prevent the user in cases when the website and its services are temporarily or definitely interrupted. Asturmadi Doors does not guarantee neither the usefulness of the website and/or its services for any particular activity, nor its infallibility or the constant functioning of its services. Asturmadi Doors can make any technical modifications needed to improve the quality of the site, its performance, or the efficacity of the system and of the connection.
  • 6.2 Exclusion of guarantee and responsibility regarding the contents of the website The public content of the website gives information about the products and services provided by Asturmadi Doors. Asturmadi Doors does not guarantee the usefulness of these contents for the user’s purpose. Only the user will be responsible of the access to the website and of the use he gives to the information and content of the website. Asturmadi Doors will never be responsible for the services offered by other companies or by external people, nor for the content, information, communications, opinions or manifestations caused or expressed by third parties on the website.
  • 6.3 Exclusion of guarantee and responsibility regarding the website’s links The website can include access links to other websites. Asturmadi Doors will not be responsible for the content of the linked sites. Moreover, Asturmadi Doors does not guarantee either the legality, accuracy, veracity and reliability of the information provided by the linked sites. The existence of a link will not connect, nor legally nor otherwise, Asturmadi Doors to the owner of the linked site. The using conditions and the services provided on the website are regulated by the Spanish law. If there is ever a conflict, the parties agree that the conflict will be addressed and solved by the Spanish Court.