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April 27, 2021
About production of fire rated doors
Iván González on the manufacturing process and the effects of Covid-19 on the sector
May 26, 2021

Martin Casado on SEO and online advertising

Participating in the programs E-Export and Online Positioning by Asturex, our local International Promotion Organisation, has given us good results on positioning our website online, which has open doors to new external markets. Our Trades Manager, Martin Casado, gives more details in this interview with Asturex:

«The Online Positioning program has allowed us to enter markets such as Palestine, Mozambique, Switzerland and Luxembourg»

With Asturex’s Online Positioning program “we have been able to design a strategy based on SEO and online advertising and start attracting new international clients.” This strategy has allowed Asturmadi Door to double the monthly visits to the website, that went from under 2.000 to almost 5.000.

The digital chanels for internationalization

We wanted to complete our current strategy that consists of visiting companies and international fairs with an increase of activity on digital channels. Through this process not only did we get to new clients, but we also have exact data on how much it costs to acquire each of them and through what channel. For example, we know if the client found us through Google search or if he saw an advert.


The first, that we will continue to find new markets. And the second, the small cost per contact when compared to a trip in person or to a participation in an international fair. The ideal thing is to have a good mix of all the options.