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February 4, 2021
hotel hilton tanger
Project: Hilton Tangier Hotel
February 24, 2021

Our painting process

The aesthetic quality and the durability of the surface treatment are the result of an efficient painting process and according to the specific needs of the product and the materials to be treated.

The painting cycle must be customized according to the paint to be used, since each product has peculiarities that must be respected, such as shape, use, regulations, life cycle, among others. These will determine the correct mode of application.

To paint the fire doors, at Asturmadi we use Epoxy powder paint. The painting process consists of three phases: washing, painting and "baking".

A clean surface is achieved first in order to apply the painting.

• Then the doors are sprayed with paint that sticks to the steel sheets.

• Finally, the doors enter an oven where the paint polymerizes and dries.