Security fire door

Security Door
60 C5 / 90 C5
Three anchor points

The SECURITY fire door adds fire safety and access control security by means of a three-point anchorage.


Wide range of standard sizes in two different heights for greater "economization" in projects, resulting in high quality at a good price.

Special measures to adapt it to any need.

Thermal Insulation Coefficient 1.2 (W/m2k)

Superior torsional stiffness of the blade versus traditional assembly.

Highly corrosion resistant and durable sheet metal and paint.

Open frame for easy installation.

Excellent standard equipment.

Wide range of extra accessories available.

Tested for more than 200,000 opening and closing cycles.

Approved as a whole.


Fire resistance of 60 and 90 minutes in accordance with standards EN 1634-1

C5 Durability Certificate according to EN 14600 standard

ISO 9001 certified


Galvanized steel sheet between 0.7 and 0.9 mm. thick, assembled by roll forming machine by double folding and stitching of the LID-BOX assembly.

Rock wool insulation density 145 Kg/m3.

Galvanized steel stiffeners.

Anti-lever bolt in steel, hexagonal 14x36 mm. zinc-plated.

Blade thickness 51 mm.

Lower part prepared for the installation of Guillotine.


Steel with reduced thermal conductivity, 1.5 mm thick.

Jambs and lintels of the special profile ASTURMADI model Z-shaped.

Cold rolled steel clamping claws, 230 x 1.5 mm..., for different types of partition walls.

Available configuration with wall-hugging frame.

Adjustable telescopic insert available to fit the width of the septum.

FINISHES (not stainless steel)

Thermosetting epoxy powder coated sheet metal.

Paint coating of 100 microns on the sheet, and 120 microns on the frame.

Standard color RAL 7038 gray.

Color RAL 9010 white at no additional cost (consult us).

Antibacterial paint (silver nitrate additive) available.

Complete RAL color chart.

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    Frequently asked questions about fire safety doors

    1What additional security features does the Fire Security Door offer?
    In addition to its fire resistance, this door has a three-point anchoring system using anti-panic bars, which improves security in access control.
    2How does the Fire Security Door contribute to the energy efficiency of a building?
    It has a thermal insulation coefficient of 1.2 W/m2k, which helps maintain temperature and reduces energy consumption.
    3Is this door approved? What certifications do you have?
    Yes, it is approved and has certifications that include fire resistance of 60, 90 and 120 minutes according to EN 1634-1, C5 Durability Certificate according to EN 14600 and ISO 9001 Certificate.
    4What customization options are there for the Firewall Security Door?
    It offers a wide range of standard and special sizes, as well as a complete list of RAL colors and finishes, including antibacterial paint.
    5What characteristics does the leaf and frame of this door have?
    The leaf is made of galvanized steel sheet, with rock wool insulation and steel stiffeners, while the frame has special jambs and lintels and fixing claws for different types of partitions.

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