Sliding Fire Door

60 / 90 / 120 / 180 / 240
Designed for closing and deviding large areas.

The sliding fire door is perfect for deviding large areas and saving space. The closing system of a sliding door can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic..


Designed for closing and sectorizing large areas in both, always open position and intensive use. It can be manual, semiautomatic and automatic operated. Its close is guaranteed by a counterweight acting on the panel. When the alarm signal emits a pulse to the electromagnet (24 VDC) or the thermal fuse reaches 68°C the door is released and driven by the counterweight. Being then fully closed, the action of the fire expands the intumescent seal installed in the fire proof maze around the perimeter of the door, causing its sealing.


Fire resistance of 60, 90, 120, 180 y 240 min according to the European Norm EN 1634-1.

Certificate ISO 9001


Prepainted steel plates (0,6/0,8 mm thick) forming 1150 mm dove-tailed panels.

High density rock wool insulation, 145 kg/m3, framed at its edges by a special U-shaped profile about 3 mm thick.

Embedded handle.

Counterweight attached to the electromagnet by steel cables. It operates either by a thermal fuse or by a pushbutton which allows to manually open and close.

The door slides on rollers hidden within the profile.

For semiautomatic or automatic operations the set comprises motor, electronic control panel, opening pushbuttons, photo cell and all the necessary elements for a complete installation.


GHigh quality and durability upper suspension rails made of galvanized steel.

Three different measures depending on the weight and measures of the door.

Installed according to the characteristics of the structural opening.

Roller mounted on ball bearings


Rail brackets for wall anchoring.

Electromagnet or thermal fuse.


Prepainted panel.

U-shaped galvanized profile.

Counterweight galvanized cover.


Speed regulator -keeps closing speed constant.

Dampers –absorb and adjust the closing.

Electromagnet -24V DC UNE CE 1155 electric retainer.

Thermal fuse –68ºC heat retainer.

Motor - automatic or semiautomatic.

Pedestrian door embedded within the sliding panel.

Guide rail cover.

Counterweight opposite to closing post.

Stainless steel finish.

Intensive use door.

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