Stainless Steel Door

EI260 C5 / EI290 C5
UL 90-120-180
Elegance, seriousness and high quality

For those seeking a high quality solution and an ultramodern design, the Firestop STAINLESS door offers an excellent finish which fits in perfectly in public and private spaces where the demand for quality is high.

Manufactured in stainless steel, it combines the strength and safety of other solutions with a more sophisticated and elegant appearance.


Wide range of standard dimensions and two different height options for a sparing use of the projects budget. Good value for money.

Costume measurements that covers any requirement.

1,2 (W/m2k) thermal insulation value.

Better torsional stiffness of the leaf compared to the traditional assembly method.

Stainless steel sheet, highly durable and resistant to corrosion.

U-shaped frame that allows a “tunnel” type installation.

Excellent standard equipment.

Big variety of extra accessories available (see accessories catalogue).

Tested for over 200.000 opening and closing cycles.

Certified as a whole.


Fire resistance according to the EN 1634-1:2010/UL 10C regulations.

C5 endurance certificate according to the EN 14600 regulation.

ISO 9001 certificate.


0.7mm thick stainless-steel sheets, roll-forming machine assembly by double folding and stitching of the lid and the tray parts of the leaf.

Rockwool insulation: 145/180 Kg/m3.

Stainless steel stiffeners.

14x36 hexagonal-shaped zinc-plated anti-leverage bolt.

Leaf thickness: 51mm.

Approximate weight: 25 Kg/m2.


1.5mm thick stainless-steel sheet with reduced thermal conductivity.

ASTURMADI designed jambs and lintels.

U-shaped frame, secured with 1.5mm thick 78x78mm stainless fixing plate.

50x2.5mm stainless-steel sheet spacers.


3mm thick stainless-steel hinges, secured to the leaf with M6x16 zinc-plated screws and welded to the frame.

3D adjustable.

15x2mm graphite intumescent seal that expands 25 times its size Ta > 150oC.

Reversible fire-resistant mortise lock, protected by two fiberglass-reinforced gypsum sheets.

40x40 brass cylinder and 3 keys.


    Anti-snag FR model

    Steel core and fusion covered.

    Nylon covered metal shields. Includes screws.

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