Fire door


In ASTURMADI DOORS a company belonging to Asturmadi Group, we specialize in the manufacture of fire doors with an extensive network of distributors and agents in more than 30 countries, including several distribution centers and a new factory in Mexico with over 12000 m2.

Our company, internationally recognized, stands out for an always friendly service and a great value for money. Our products are of high quality, satisfy all regulations and certificates required and are well adapted to different markets.

Over recent years, Asturmadi Doors has positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturers in a very large number of countries, being Central and South America, the French-speaking countries, Eastern countries and, of course, Spain and Portugal, the main markets where our product is distributed.

As in previous years, 2015 found Asturmadi growing and seeking consolidation in the international market. A major project is launched in Morocco with the opening of an office and a warehouse while it consolidates its presence in Peru, Panama and other South American countries, such as Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. In Europe it has positioned the Polish market and is now addressing the French market as the most important action. Today, export accounts for 75% of sales.


Over 25 years experience

Asturmadi Doors, was born with a small facilitity more than 25 years ago, providing from the very beginning new and better solutions in the door manufacturing field. In 1998, we began a new stage opening a Firestop Metal Door Factory, initially focused on the domestic market. In 2007 we started our international expansion, opening and growing new markets, enabling us to strengthen our dealer network with the establishment of several regional offices in different countries and a final investment, two years ago, with a new door factory in Mexico.

In 2015 we opened a new profile factory

to support renewable energies as well as the manufacturing of our own door frames. Today, we are expanding our facilities in Avilés close to reaching 8,000 m2, which added to our new plant in Mexico, expands our premises to over 12000 m2. Always thinking about the future without losing sight of our past. Our main aim is to improve day by day. At ASTURMADI, we are constantly seeking excellence in our products. Dedication and professionalism are therefore essential factors in the daily work of every member of our staff.

That’s how we gain the trust of our customers. That’s how we are always able to grow in a positive way.

Manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process is completely automatic. Our advanced technology allows us to achieve high levels of production, great precision and very high quality products.

We are flexible with non-standard dimensions, different finishes and color options.


We are very close to our customers and their demands.

We innovate our products, develop new solutions and are up-to-date with regulations and current technical requirements.

Since 1988

create safety

We are commited to our environment, our community and the future of the upcoming generations… At ASTURMADI, we consider corporate social responsibility to be an essential business tool for being consistent and respectful with the world around us.

That is why we give our support to various cultural and sports associations.


A multidisciplinary human team, formed by 50 professionals and over 300 traders in different parts of Spain. ASTURMADI DOORS is a competitive, constantly developing company.

Because people will always be the real driving force of our company.