Quality policy

Asturmadi is a company devoted to the design, manufacture and commercialization at international level of metal doors, specialized in fire doors.

Asturmadi aims and works daily in team, to be a worldwide leader in the sector of the manufacture of fire doors, extending its markets to other type of metallic doors of high demand.

In this sense, Asturmadi orients his actions to maintain the principles of being a company:

    A solid company that inspires and projects seriousness and respect, committed to the fulfillment of the responsibilities towards customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators, and compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. All this within the strictest professional ethics.
  • OPEN
    A flexible and open company, transparent in its management, prepared for the change and adaptation to the requirements of the market and the industry, dynamic in its daily management and oriented one hundred per cent to the future.
    Our priority is to satisfy our customers, and that is why we perform strictly according to the hired requirements. We make sure we always respond to your demands and expectations. On one hand, we are committed to maintaining your trust by meeting the deadlines. On the other hand, we are keen on constantly improving and systemising the manufacturing process, as well as working towards bug prevention and fix.
    A company prepared to operate globally, in continuous geographical expansion and able to adapt to the demands of international markets.
    An innovative company in the development and manufacture of our products, backing the performance of our activities with the most modern and advanced technology and equipment
    A company that seeks cooperation and open communication, which responds enthusiastically and professionally to any need expressed by its stakeholders. We foster teamwork and care for the suggestions for improvement that are proposed.